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Job Openings

Our Preschool is a wonderful, fulfilling place to work! We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our team. We are looking for teachers and aides who are passionate about working with young children and committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment. If you love working with kids and have a positive attitude, we would love to hear from you


PURPOSE: To prepare lessons and conduct class for Preschool in a professional manner, maintaining good relationship with students, parents and Preschool staff.

ACCOUNTABILITY: To the Preschool Director, the Preschool Board, the Christian Education Committee, and the Session of the John McMillan Presbyterian Church.

CLASSROOM SIZE: Eight to ten students per teacher, determined by the Preschool Board.


  • With the support of the Director, create lesson plans, prepare, and implement the Preschool Board approved curriculum that is appropriate for the age and varying abilities of the children. Plans should include activities in all key-learning areas (Approach to Learning, Creative Arts, Language and Literacy, Logical-Math, Personal-Social, Physical-Health, Science and Social Studies) and follow the PA Learning Standards for Early Childhood.

  • Set up room for daily activities.

  • Clean up all daily equipment, supplies, and special materials. Keep classroom neat.

  • Supervise and interact with the children in all areas of the classroom, outdoors, and during field trips.

  • Treat all children with dignity and respect, and allow for individual differences. Provide an atmosphere of acceptance and caring for each child, and show as much individual attention as possible to each child.

  • Prepare and conduct required number of Parent-Teacher conferences. Complete conference forms for parents with clearly stated strengths and goals for improvement. Maintain open, friendly, and professional relationship with all families.

  • Assist in conducting special activities such as class visitors, field trips, fall and spring Open Houses, Rummage Sale, Music Fest, Grand Prix Rally, etc.

  • Counsel with Director and parents regarding students' progress, as necessary.

  • ·Understand, adhere to, and implement the program's policies, food policies, health and safety regulations, and required emergency procedures.

  • Attend and participate in regular staff meetings and In-services.

  • Work with Director, parents, and other teams or agencies in developing and implementing accommodations for special needs students.

  • Maintain standards of professional educator by visiting other preschool classrooms, attending seminars, workshops, and reading books and periodicals on Preschool education.

  • Complete assignments and duties in a timely manner.

  • Support stated goals and mission of John McMillan Preschool.



Must be a bachelor-degreed educator with preferable early childhood credentials or experience. Clearances as required by the PA Department of Education must be maintained.


  • Will be per arrangement with the Preschool Director

  • Minimum of one staff meeting per month



All staff will go through a two-step evaluation process during the year. In the fall, each teacher will meet with the director to go over the evaluation checklist and set goals for the year. It is the school’s policy to assist all staff members in every possible way to accomplish individual performance goals. During the year the director will observe teachers in the classroom and during school activities. At the end of the year, the director completes an evaluation form for each teacher and meets with the teacher to go over results. All documents are signed and kept in the employee’s personnel file in the Director’s Office. A copy of the evaluation shall be forwarded to the Personnel Committee. The Personnel Committee will review the evaluation and, if there are any significant negative issues, those issues will be shared with the John McMillan Preschool board and the Christian Education Committee.

Job Type: Part-time


  • Tuesday-Thursday-Friday mornings 9-12

Work Location: In person

If Interested please contact Kim Doughty -

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