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About Us

John McMillan Presbyterian Church is a vibrant and welcoming church, dedicated to providing a place of worship for the community. We offer in-person worship services, as well as live streaming, to make sure everyone is able to participate in our services.Besides providing spiritual guidance, we also strive to bring the community together through family-oriented activities, fellowship, and various events. We invite you to join us and be part of the John McMillan family.

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What We Do

Learn what we do at John McMillan Presbyterian Church


Worship is how we show our love, devotion and respect to God.  We do this through our services of prayer and praising, contemplation and song. Our Sunday morning services, monthly contemplative services, Christmas Concert, and special services on Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are all part of our worship experience as are Baptisms and Communion.  Worship is led by our pastor, associate pastor, music director and organist.

 Worship includes the music of the Chancel Choir and Celebration Ringers.  It encompasses hymn singing and soloists as well as our band and organist.  Visual aspects of worship include our banners and the paraments on the Communion table, the flowers in the Sanctuary and seasonal decorations.


Pastoral Care

JMPC delivers pastoral care primarily from the Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Board of Deacons. The pastors meet with congregants for conversation and fellowship, serve communion to homebound members, and offer comfort in unexpected situations. The Deacons ensure that pastoral concerns are at the heart of JMPC’s ministry through prayer, meals for the sick and bereaved, cards to celebrate life milestones or to acknowledge personal hardships.


The JMPC community stays in touch with each other through the seasons of their lives as a constant presence of faith and support.


JMPC offers educational opportunities in many forms to youth of all ages. On Sunday mornings during worship, we provide Children’s Church and classes for youth to learn about God and Jesus using the Bible, games, crafts, and activities. Wednesday evenings are a time for learning, fellowship, and fun through Youth Group and Kids’ Klub.


Church extends beyond the walls of the building. Youth have the opportunity to explore God’s creation through mission projects and trips. Also, pastors provide education via Bible studies and book studies.


Christian Education is one of the first steps to a person’s faith formation and it is pertinent for us to prioritize learning. Each of these programs are most successful when supported by our congregation.

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Part of the JMPC mission statement is “to serve God”. We do that through our outreach into the communities that are local, national and international. Locally, we are partners with First Presbyterian Church of Duquesne in their ministries in one of the poorest communities in Pennsylvania. We also send volunteers to Brothers’ Brother, World Vision, Produce to People and provide fresh vegetables from the church garden to South Hills Interfaith Movement for distribution to those who can’t afford fresh produce.


Nationally we participate in mission work in places for disaster relief. Internationally, we are in partnerships with a the Chigumula CCAP church in Malawi as well as with Hebron USA working on construction projects in Chiapas, Mexica. We also send out youth to do mission work each summer as well. We truly do serve God!


One of the most important roles a church plays in a member’s life is fellowship. At JMPC, we have a variety of ways we gather for companionship and fun. Some of the opportunities for community are pickleball, book groups, gardening, meals, and card playing. We also have annual events for families including Trunk or Treat and Fall festival, the Christmas Concert and the Children’s Christmas Pageant. Many members gather before or after worship to just chat and catch up.


The community of JMPC has been in existence since 1965 and will continue well into the future. We are always here for each other for friendship, faith and community.

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