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Happy Holidays


A poem by Linda Huffington


On the first Saturday of November each and every year

John McMillan Presbyterian Church becomes a winter wonderland known far and near,


As hundreds of faithful followers and nearby friends

Converge on our doorstep for special Christmas treats and gifts to send.


It’s truly an extraordinary event that touches one’s heart

As we realize how many faithful want to take part.


As preparations begin late summer and fall

Men, women, children, crafters and bakers answer the call.


The shopping bag designers begin crafting each unique design

Which will be given to each shopper in line,


Candy and jelly makers fill the kitchen with candy and wonderful smells

As dedicated members bake goodies at home decorated with sprinkles and frills.


Crafters with many unique and special gifts to sell

Apply, are judged and selected for their special skill.


As the big day approaches, so many jobs to fill,

Parkers and van drivers to transport the crowd up on the hill.


Chefs and kitchen helpers to cook and feed the crowd,

And many volunteers who sell baked goodies and handcrafted items abound.


After an exciting and tiring day of much fun and toil,

The major cleanup begins by JMPC’s most loyal.


The wintry scene and festive aire

Overnight become once again a sanctuary of prayer.


Anticipation is great as proceeds are gathered and counted,

And hope for more mission dollars and possibilities are touted.


Prayers answered, good news indeed,

Another great year of over $10,000 for many homeless and in need.

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