This Week at JMPC 12.9.18

As I was thinking about Sunday’s passage about Pilate and Jesus, I tried to create a mental image of their conversation. Pilate is irritated that he has been tasked by the local religious authorities to dispose of this man, Jesus. Pilate believes he has Jesus’ fate in his hands. Jesus seems not particularly impressed by Pilate. I picture both of them basically saying to the other, “Who do you think you are?” And then this song by Jean Knight popped into my head!
Mr. Big Stuff
Who do you think you are Mr. Big Stuff
You’re never gonna get my love
(Are you singing? Check it out on YouTube.)
I think this song fits. Pilate wants to know if Jesus claims to be King of the Jews. “Who do you think you are, Jesus, Mr. Big Stuff?” And Jesus wants to know why Pilate thinks he has any power over what was happening. “Who do you think you are, Pilate, Mr. Big stuff?” Neither are going to get much love from the other. So, what does this have to do with Advent? It’s this. Jesus was “Big Stuff”. He was a king. (Which is a higher rank than Roman Procurator, by the way!) It’s just that Jesus was not the kind of King Pilate would recognize as being “Big Stuff”. So what kind of king was Jesus? And what about that made him “Big Stuff”? Come and hear about it Sunday at 8:30 (The Children’s Christmas Pageant is at 11) when Pastor Jeff preaches “For This Jesus was Born” based on John 18: 33-37.

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