Resources Pillar

The Resource Pillar supports the upkeep, human resources and financial activities at JMPC. Some of these include: changing all of the light bulbs in the sanctuary this meant using 30 feet of scaffolding; installing a new ceiling in the kitchen; and revamping our financial bookkeeping system.

Building and Grounds Ministry Team

Oversees maintenance and upkeep of JMPC facilities and grounds.
Adopt a Garden 
The Building and Grounds team invites you and your family (or your organization) to adopt a garden for the year. We have many gardens (about 16) around the church that are in need of some tender loving care such as planting flowers, weeding, and watering. Each area is small in size, with lots of potential for color and design. Your commitment will be about four hours a month. Although you will sign up as individuals for a particular area, you could also team up with those around you to share watering and weeding efforts throughout the season. Sign up in the Narthex.
Any questions, please contact Pam Dobos: 412-833-3868 or

Finance Ministry Team

Reviews and maintains church financial reports in conjunction with church accountant. Establishes best practices for accounting policies for proper administration.
  • Stewardship Ministry Team – Stewardship is using the gifts that God has given us to do the things that He calls us to do. This team organizes our annual stewardship campaign and creates member awareness of our call to stewardship.
  • Audit Ministry Team– Performs audit of quarterly and annual financial statements and cash flows as prepared by church accountant.
  • Endowment Ministry Team – Manages the endowment fund for gifts received by the church, and seeks pledges to expand the endowment fund.

Personnel Ministry Team

Administers church staff annual performance reviews, makes compensation recommendations, and maintains/updates church staff policy manual. Requires 4 members that serve on a 4 year rotation. 
  • Church Officer Nominating Committee (CONC) – Selects members from the congregation to serve as Elders and Deacons. Elected by the congregation annually.

Governance Ministry Team

Makes recommendations for church governance and operating structure and reviews church policies to ensure compliance with applicable laws and Presbyterian church polity.