Reopening the Sanctuary for Worship

Session has approved the reopening of the sanctuary for worship, once set up is complete, under the following circumstances:
Using as the source for COVID-19 data and analysis, reopening the sanctuary for worship will be permitted if the Infection Rate is 1.0 or below in Allegheny and Washington counties. This means that there will be a “moderate risk” of infection for those who attend with social distancing in place and masks worn.
Because the infection rate might change from time to time, a decision will be made each week as to whether there will be worship in the sanctuary that Sunday. If there is no sanctuary worship that Sunday, there will still be online worship. Continuing the parking lot service as a “second” service after the sanctuary is reopened is being discussed by the church staff.
The following measures will be followed in sanctuary worship:
• Attendance at the service will be limited to 50 people (not including the staff and ushers).
• Reservations will be required on the JMPC website. Reservations must be made by Friday at noon.
• There will not be childcare.
• Social distancing will be followed. Chairs will be spread out, though family units may move chairs together for worship.
• Masks must be worn.
• Hand sanitizer will be available.
• There will be no bulletins handed out at the service but will be available online.
• There will be no live singing.
• There will be no passing of the Peace.
• There will be no hymnals.
• There will be no passing of offering plates.
• There will be no gathering in the narthex.
• When entering the church, people will go straight into the sanctuary and take a seat. People will take coats with them. Coat racks would be unavailable.
• Dismissal will be done by rows.
• Dismissal will require people to leave the building.

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