Reopening the Sanctuary for Worship

At the Session meeting on January 9, a
report was received from the Church Re-Opening Task Force. That report informed Session that the previously adopted criteria consideration of re-opening the church for worship was no longer appropriate. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has recommended that the criteria for safe indoor
gatherings is a metric of less than 10 cases per 100,000 and a positive test rate of less than 5%. Session has adopted this criterion as the minimum requirement for considering the re-opening of the church for worship.
Session also reminds us that even if these criteria are met, Session must consider other factors before re-opening the church for worship.
Remember, Jesus calls us to love our neighbor, which means protecting our neighbor from COVID-19 infection.
• Attendance at the service will be limited to 50 people (not including the staff and ushers).
• Reservations will be required on the JMPC website. Reservations must be made by Friday at noon.
• There will not be childcare.
• Social distancing will be followed. Chairs will be spread out, though family units may move chairs together for worship.
• Masks must be worn.
• Hand sanitizer will be available.
• There will be no bulletins handed out at the service but will be available online.
• There will be no live singing.
• There will be no passing of the Peace.
• There will be no hymnals.
• There will be no passing of offering plates.
• There will be no gathering in the narthex.
• When entering the church, people will go straight into the sanctuary and take a seat. People will take coats with them. Coat racks would be unavailable.
• Dismissal will be done by rows.
• Dismissal will require people to leave the building.

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