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Advent Devotion 12.24.19

John 6:29
‘The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.’
Well there it is, faith in Jesus Christ. It is Jesus that we follow, that we dedicate our lives. It is this advent season that we are reminded of the hope we have in Jesus. The most amazing part of this passage is what happens next. The people aren’t astounded or comforted by what Jesus says here, rather they ask him for a sign. They wanted a miracle so they could believe in him. They bring up some miracles of Moses, but those were long ago. These people want a miracle they can see with their own eyes.
Many of us can understand the people’s gripe. They want proof, they want Jesus to do something in front of them. They have heard the stories passed down and they want to see the proof. The problem is that Jesus offers us so much more in our life, but we want to see a sign that we ask for specifically. Jesus gives us signs and miracles every day. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to guide us, but we want to see a sign when we ask for it. Jesus gives us peace in the darkest moments in our life, but we want a parlor trick. This advent season we will get the only sign we need, a child is born, and he is Emmanuel. Amen.

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