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This Week at JMPC 3.8.2020

The 1980 movie “Airplane” was a spoof on disaster movies which were popular in the 1970’s. The plot is about what happens when the pilots of a passenger airplane are rendered sick and unconscious while the plane is in the air. Panic ensues, both on the plane and on the ground. My favorite character is Steve McCroskey. Steve is an air traffic controller whose responsibility is to keep track of all the planes in the air. Now he is responsible to bring the pilotless airplane to a safe landing. Steve does not manage the stress well. His first reaction is to say, “I picked the wrong week to give up smoking.” As the situation gets worse and worse, his anxiety and fear increase. His responses are memorable. “I picked the wrong week to give up drinking.” “I picked the wrong week to give up amphetamines.” “I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue.” Basically, Steve melts down and instead of trying to do his job, his fears disable him. Rather than face reality, he distracts himself. What do we do when we are faced with something we are afraid of? Something that makes us anxious? Something that make us worry? Do we freeze like Steve and let the fear, anxiety or worry disable us? Do we look for a distraction? Or do we carry on as best we can? Jesus tells us not to let our fears disable us. How do we do that? What advice does Jesus offer? Come hear about it Sunday March 8 at John McMillan Presbyterian Church at either 8:30 or 11 when Pastor Jeff preaches “Let it go – Fear”. We will look forward to seeing you.

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