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Lenten Devotion 12 3.10.2020

Obadiah 1:21
Deliverers will go up on Mount Zion to govern the mountains of Esau. And the kingdom will be the Lord’s.
There is a saying in our country that I really dislike, it is “I told you so”, probably because I heard it a lot as a kid. It was usually told to me by an adult for not following their advice. As an adult I go out of my way to not say it, because I think it lacks humility. I don’t want to tell someone how right I was after they fail.
I would say the prophecy of Obadiah is based in humility, though much more serious. It is a prophecy against the Edomites for their treatment of Israel while it was vulnerable. It begs the question “How do we treat our enemies when they suffer?” Do we rejoice? Do we think justice is served? Do we simply say “karma”?
I believe God wants us to show compassion and humility to all people, especially our enemies. We need to offer a hand to pick them up, not point a finger and say I told you so when they are down. While it may feel good for a few seconds, it is not what God wants us to do. Ultimately, our response to our enemies suffering tells more about our own character than it does their failings. Let us go out and show humility to everyone, especially those who we don’t think deserve it. Amen.

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