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JMPC Sunshine 01.08.2021

On December 21, 2020 there was a celestial event that has not been seen since the year 1226 CE when Genghis Kahn was rampaging in Asia. The celestial event was the conjunction of two planets in our solar system – Jupiter and Saturn. Normally these two planets are just bright lights in the sky and are misidentified as stars to the astronomically challenged. From time to time, orbital paths across the sky of Jupiter and Saturn make them line up in a way that intensifies their brightness to the point they look like one bright star. This conjunction on December 21 was labeled the “Christmas Star” mainly because it appeared so close to Christmas. Such celestial events are something we humans have always looked at with wonder. From solar and lunar eclipses to passing comets, human beings have historically interpreted such sights as heralds or omens of some kind of change in the course of human history. (See Genghis Kahn rampaging Asia in 1226.) Halley’s Comet was said to have appeared just as the Normans were invading England in 1066 CE. King Harold of England saw it as a bad sign while King William of Normandy saw it as proof he was to succeed (which he did). A 585 BCE solar eclipse was so frightening it the warring Medes and Lydians in that they ended their war and left the battlefield. Then there was the Star of Bethlehem that portended the birth of a new king. Many believe that this star was, in fact, a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Whatever it was, the three “Wisemen” or “Kings” used it as a navigational aid to find the new king that was heralded by the “star”. This story only appears in Matthew’s Gospel. What do we make of this story? What does it mean to us in 2020? Hear about it Sunday, January 10, 2021 when Pastor Jeff preaches “Three Kings” at 10am on Facebook Live. You can also come to the parking lot and listen on the radio, though the worship team will be inside. We hope you join us.


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