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This Week at JMPC 4.19.2020

I have a three-year-old son who I love very much. Though he is wild at times, he is a pretty good listener most days. There is one thing he does refuse to do though, no matter how hard we try. He refuses to look at the camera (or phone) when someone is taking a picture. Seriously, he will look in any direction other than a camera. This of course requires my wife to take more pictures until he complies, which he never does. Then he gets upset because he is tired of taking the same picture. I’m not quite sure why he just doesn’t look at the camera. Maybe he is distracted or is looking at something that caught his eye. Maybe he doesn’t realize it would be a lot better if he just looked right away. Maybe he is just being defiant for his own personal reasons.
This week we will read the story of the “road to Emmaus”. Jesus begins walking with 2 men, though they do not recognize him. While it is part of the resurrection story, it has another important story woven in. Why didn’t these men recognize Jesus? Where did they expect Jesus to be? Maybe a better question is where do you see Jesus, or where do you look for Jesus? Are we looking where we should, or do our eyes wander from where they should be focused? Join us Sunday morning at 9:30am on Facebook Live to hear more!

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