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JMPC Sunshine 12.10.2020

This week I had an appointment over in Pleasant Hills. That’s where I grew up. For some reason, every time I go there, I drive around the old neighborhood. I look at the house I lived in until I was 12 and the house I lived in until I left for college. I also look at the houses of old friends. This week, because it’s Advent, my thoughts turned to the 18 or so Christmases I spent in Pleasant Hills. When I was a youngster, Christmas Day was basically all about opening presents in the morning and playing with them the rest of the day. But when I got into my middle school years and later, Christmas started to be more about family, church and friends. As I grew older, got married, and had kids, I watched us go
through that same cycle. Children think presents are the meaning of Christmas. Adults think family and friends are more important. There is nothing wrong about either of those beliefs. But what happens when we can’t exchange gifts? What happens when we can’t get together? What does Christmas mean then? Maybe Christmas is something more? Join us Sunday December 13 on Facebook Live or in the JMPC parking lot when Pastor Jeff preaches, “The Ghost of Christmas Present”. You can also watch the service later on Facebook or YouTube. We hope you will.

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