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JMPC Sunshine 11.06.2020

The Pittsburgh Steelers have had a pretty good run so far this NFL season. They are undefeated. Seven wins, no losses. The last three wins were particularly remarkable. They beat their rival Cleveland Browns, the highly touted Tennessee Titans and last year’s division champion Baltimore Ravens. Each of these teams presented different challenges because their game plans were unique, as were their players. How do the Steelers manage to be so successful against such dissimilar teams? One thing they do is watch films of the other team to see who they are and how they approach each game and each situation in each game. Then the Steelers watch films of themselves! They already know who they are. They are Steelers! But they watch films of themselves to see how they can best react to their next opponent using the characteristics and attitudes instilled into them by the coaches and managers of the team. It’s the Steeler way. The Steeler way is an identity that hungers and thirsts for success. Believe it or not, committing to be a disciple of Jesus is somewhat the same. It’s about identity and commitment despite any approaching or current opposition. It is the Jesus way. What to hear more about this? Come to the John McMillan Presbyterian Church parking lot this Sunday or stream us on Facebook Live at 10am or check us out later on YouTube when Pastor Jeff preaches “Are We Blessed?” We hope you will join us.

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Jul 21, 2019
A Walking Signboard
"A Walking Signboard" - 7.21.19 - Rev. Deborah Evanovich
  • Jul 21, 2019A Walking Signboard
    Jul 21, 2019
    A Walking Signboard
    "A Walking Signboard" - 7.21.19 - Rev. Deborah Evanovich
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