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JMPC Sunshine 6.17.2020

On February 11, 2011 the Pittsburgh Penguins played what was supposed to be a hockey game against the New York Islanders. It was anticipated that the game would be “chippy”. A rough game. The Islanders were angry at the Penguins because two Islanders were hurt in the previous meeting of the two teams. One had suffered a concussion. The Islanders loudly protested the actions of the Penguins between games and were ready to respond. Violence erupted almost immediately. A roughing penalty by the Islanders just 3 minutes in. That was followed by 8 penalties in the first period, including one fight. “Chippy” turned out to be 65 penalties including 15 fighting majors and 21 game misconducts, resulting in a total of 346 penalty minutes. Three players received suspensions. An NHL record. No one on the ice ever seemed to care about who won the game. They just wanted to hurt each other. That is what happens with violent protest is the response to injustice. Just more violence. Is violent protest ever appropriate? Some believe it to be. But what does the Bible say about violent protest? Pastor Jeff will talk about that on Sunday, June 21 at 9:30 on John McMillan Presbyterian Churches Facebook page via Facebook Live. Join us,

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