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JMPC Sunshine 9.13.2020

When I was a kid, we got three newspapers delivered every day. In the morning we got the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In the afternoon we got both the Pittsburgh Press and the McKeesport Daily News. We got the Daily News because my Dad grew up in McKeesport and he wanted to know what was going on in the Mon Valley. There was a lot of overlapping news, but there was also some uniqueness to each. My favorite was the Daily News, primarily because it had the high school wrestling “box scores” after every match. It was the only way I could ever see my name in any paper. Over the years, things changed. The Press was the first to go. It published its last edition on July 28, 1992 and was subsequently purchased by the Post-Gazette. The next to go was the Daily News. After exactly 131 years and six months, it published its final edition on December 31, 2015. Since that time, only the Post-Gazette has offered daily news in print. But now the Post- Gazette prints only three days a week (and will likely reduce that number in the future). The other days it is online. I was initially not much of a fan of this new way to read the Post-Gazette. But now I am … well … not a fan, but I am OK with it. That is the way of the world, right? Change is the only thing that is permanent. Church is like that, too. The way we do church changes, though the Gospel does not. Come and hear about what JMPC is doing that is new and different and what it means to be the church in 2020. Pastor Jeff will preach “Looking Forward into a New World” this Sunday in the JMPC parking lot at 10 AM (note the new time) and on Facebook Live.

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