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Sunday Worship

We will have a Facebook Live online service on Sunday at 10:00 AM
The worship team has made the decision that the worship team will be leading worship for January and February from the sanctuary rather than the parking lot stage because of the uncertainty of the weather conditions from Sunday to Sunday. We are aware that the parking lot worship service has been well received because it has given our members the opportunity to greet and chat with each other outside on Sunday mornings. What we will do is continue the radio broadcast into the parking lot for those who want to worship from their cars and have outside fellowship before and after. The team will be streaming on Facebook Live from the sanctuary, so Elisabeth will be able to play the organ and the choir quartet can be socially distanced.
Join us for Worship this Sunday!

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Until Further Notice Weekly Sermons Will Be Available Only In Video Format on JMPC’s Facebook Page or JMPC’s YouTube Channel.

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