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JMPC Sunshine 10.01.2020

One of my favorite movies is “Jeremiah Johnson”. Released in 1972 and staring Robert
Redford, it tells the tale of a young man who goes to live in the Rocky Mountains as a
“mountain man”. Johnson is unequipped to survive in the hostile environment but is
fortunate to come across a seasoned mountain man by the name of Bear Claw Chris Lapp
who is willing to teach Johnson how to survive. One of the interesting underlying themes of
the movie is why would someone want to be a “mountain man”. The life is one of almost
complete isolation from the “civilized” world. Bear Claw’s explanation for his decision is a
brief one liner, easy to miss. When he meets Johnson, Bear Claw notices that Johnson is
wearing pants form an army uniform. He says this: “Must have missed another war down
there.” It seems Bear Claw left “down there” because of the wars. He needed to get away.


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