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Sunshine – Youth Sunday 2018

When my kids were little, we would read to them every night. As they grew, the things we read to them changed. From “Doctor Seuss to Winnie the Pooh, to the Redwall series, to Anamorphs and Hardy Boys to the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter. There were many others as we passed from stage to stage. The books became longer and the plots more complex but what was important to us was that the stories offer a lesson to our kids that would guide them as they grew up. And when I think about it, the main lesson on all the books we shared with our children was that compassion and empathy and concern for others was pretty darned important. To love and be loved was critical for a fulfilled, secure, and purposeful life. And that there was more to the world than just what we see. But we did not have to explain it, our kids already knew it.
  1. S. Lewis understood this. He wrote this about the Chronicles of Narnia:

I’m so thankful that [children] realized the “hidden story” in the Narnia books. It is odd, children nearly always do, grown-ups…hardly ever.

James Barrie understood that, too. He wrote the play Peter Pan in 1904. Barrie wanted his audience to enter in to the story. But because theater was for adults, he was afraid that drawing his audience in was impossible. So he came up with a plan. When opening night came Barrie reserved 25 front row seats for children. The children allowed themselves to be immediately transported into the story. They were there in Neverland with Peter, Wendy, Hook, Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys. And the adults watched the kids and then they got caught up in it, too. They, too, entered Neverland with the children. And now, we all know that story, don’t we?

What does that have to do with worship this Sunday? It’s Youth Sunday. It is the Sunday that we are led in worship by our kids. It is also Confirmation Sunday where we get to hear the faith stories of our six confirmands. It is a day when we get to hear about how the stories we have told our kids over the years have shaped them and encouraged them and invited them into our faith community. Come and get drawn in to the story of God and us through our children. Come see and hear these remarkable kids and hear about what Jesus thought of children when Pastor Jeff preaches on Mark 10: 13-16 ant 8:30 and 11 at John McMillan Presbyterian Church. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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