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This Week – God and Country

One of the parenting techniques I learned from my Dad was that when I asked him why I had to do something, an appropriate answer was, “Because I told you to”. Another variation on this response was “Because I said so”. And then there was the ultimate explanation of why his answer was appropriate. “This is not a democracy!” These were all spoken in the manner of the Marine Drill Sargent my father once was. What Dad said was the way it went. The reasons he said it were not particularly relevant. My use of those phrases was more genteel. It was more of a humorous presentation and finally was summarized in my response to the “why” question with my own question. “What’s the best reason you can think of?” My kids rolled their eyes and responded with “Because you said so, Dad.” I am sure I am not alone in these musings, and I am sure that we have all heard such things and said such things as children and parents. But the “because I said so” statement is unsatisfying to our kids. They really do want to know why! If they aren’t told, they are less inclined to obey, and often rebel. Does this mean that the children are guilty of violating the Commandment that says, “Honor your father and mother”? Are we allowed to ask why? Are we allowed to say “no”? How do we work that out from a Biblical perspective? Interestingly enough, the signers of the Declaration of Independence had to make such an analysis, and what they decided might be of interest. Come and hear about Biblical rules of authority and obedience this Sunday at 9:30 when Pastor Jeff preaches God and Country based on 1 Peter 2: 13-17. We will look forward to seeing you!

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