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This Week at JMPC 3.10.19

Every so often, a fad, will sweep a community. A fad is defined as “an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something [or someone], especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s [or person’s] qualities; a craze”. (Merriam-Webster) Following a person might be a fad. If you get caught up in such a fad, it might be said that you have jumped on that person’s bandwagon. What does it mean to “jump on a bandwagon”? A bandwagon carried the musicians at the head of a parade or at a political rally, beckoning others to follow. When used to refer to politics, jumping on the bandwagon suggests following the crowd for the excitement of the event rather than any firm conviction in its direction or truthfulness. (Wiktionary) Can any of us think of a time when we might have been accused of “jumping on a bandwagon”? One of the problems of jumping on a bandwagon is that you might do it impulsively before you have a good understanding of what the bandwagon is promoting. Then, when you try to explain why you are on the bandwagon, you keep messing it up. You mess it up, because you have trouble making sense of it. You are in good company. We have all been there and done that. We see it in the Bible as well. Peter the Apostle. He jumped on the Jesus bandwagon, then spent the next three years trying to understand what it all meant. Come hear about it on Sunday, March 10 at 8:30 and 11 when Pastor Jeff Preaches “What are You Looking For?” based on Mark 1: 16-20. It’s the first Sunday of Lent! Come and join us!

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