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This Week at JMPC 3.17.19

We live in a world where most everything is governed by opinion polls and surveys. If you want to know how many polls there are from a political standpoint, check out the website Real Clear Politics. It lists many polls and reports the results of these polls on a daily basis. What do polls do? They ask the opinions of people on many things. What do people think about this? What do people think about that? What do people think about this person? What do people think about that person? Dozens of polls. Dozens of questions. Why? Because we want to know what people think, right? Polls allow us to adjust our public personas to increase our approval ratings! They allow us to “spin” our message just the right way. They allow us to change our presentations to get people to pay attention to us. Polls allow us to say what people want to hear, rather than what we really think because if we tell people what we really think, we might not get those good poll numbers.
In this week’s “Misunderstanding Jesus” message we explore just such a moment in Jesus life. Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem. As he walks along, Jesus asks his disciples, “Who do people say that I am?” Its kind of like a poll of the people Jesus’ disciples have come across. The poll is inconclusive. But then Jesus askes the disciples who they think he is. Let’s take a poll here (for us disciples) – Who do we say Jesus is and why? Peter says that Jesus is the Messiah. Is that what we think? What does that mean? In a surprise move, Jesus says that Peter is right, but tells the disciples not to tell anyone! Why? The answer might surprise you. It is all about misunderstanding Jesus.
Come and hear about it on Sunday, March 17 at 8:30 and 11:00 when Pastor Jeff preaches “Who do you say Jesus is?” based on Mark 8:27-38. It’s the second Sunday in Lent! Come to church! We will look forward to seeing you.

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