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This Week at JMPC 3.24.19

There is a children’s song that goes like this:

If I had a little bitty box to put my savior in,

I take him out and kiss, kiss, kiss,

And share him with my friends.

If I had a little bitty box to put that Satan in, 

I’d take him out and bam, bam, bam. 
And put him right back in.
It is a cute song. But there is something about it that has always troubled me a bit. Why is the savior in someone’s “little bitty box”? There is a sense that the savior is the possession of the owner of that box. And when the savior is “shared”, it sounds like a child sharing a toy. Is that the way we think of Jesus? Like a beloved possession we need to share? And then take back when sharing time is over? I have another thought had about this little song (I know, you are thinking, “Jeff, it’s just a little kid’s song, why are you obsessing over it?”). It’s the thought that if we keep Jesus in our little bitty box, do we only share the things about Jesus we like, while keeping the things we don’t like in the box?
What brings all this to mind is the oft heard phrase when someone talks about Jesus. “My Jesus.” What does that mean? Ownership? Control? Possession? It particularly disturbs me when, in the middle of a discussion about a hard lesson from Jesus, someone says, “My Jesus would never say (do, require) that. My Jesus would say (do, require) something else.”
Do we think we own Jesus? Do we think we can control Jesus? Peter thought so. And because of that, Peter needed to be, shall we say, educated on the point of who was in charge of Jesus. It’s a lesson we all need to have from time to time, Come and hear about it this Sunday when Pastor Jeff preaches “My Jesus” based on Mark 9: 2-13. We are open for business at John McMillan Presbyterian Church at 8:30 and 11 for worship. We will look forward to seeing you.

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