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This Week at JMPC 4.7.19

In the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, a platoon of soldiers during WWII is sent into France after the Normandy invasion to find the last living brother of four. The other three brothers have been killed in battle. The Army wants to save the last brother so that he can be sent home to his grieving mother. Spoiler alert! After a long, deadly and difficult search, the platoon finds Ryan. They tell him what happened and that he is to be sent home. To their surprise, Ryan refuses. He will not go. Which creates a bit of animosity between him and the platoon that came to save him. They risked their lives (some gave their lives) to save him and now he has refused to be saved. Their sacrifice will be in vain if Ryan dies. Well … more spoiler alert … Ryan does survive but is also given a mission by the platoon leader – do something with your life!
In this week’s text, Peter continues to misunderstand what Jesus wants from him. He promises to stand with Jesus to the end, but almost immediately runs off when the crowd comes to arrest Jesus. What does our text have to do with Private Ryan? Do Peter and private Ryan have something in common? They do. Both refuse to be saved. Both misunderstand the duty that has been assigned to them. Come and hear about that on Sunday, April 7 (the Fifth Sunday of Advent) at 8:30 and 11 when Pastor Jeff preaches, “Don’t Promise More Than You Can Deliver” based on Mark 14: 27-31; 43-50. There is a lot going on in this text that might surprise you. Come and see!

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