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This Week at JMPC 4.28.19

When I was at college most of the buildings surrounded an area called the oak grove. It was a large grassy area where kids hung out between classes. Some people threw a frisbee, or played hackee sack, or just laid in the grass. Thousands of people would move through the oak grove everyday to get to class or go to the other side of campus. It was a really relaxing and easy-going place…except 1 spot. On this little mound of grass a middle-aged man would stand 3 days a week. He would be holding a Bible and literally screaming the passages out of his mouth. He had little pamphlets he tried to hand out to people. If I were to sum it up it was basically telling you hell was waiting for you if you didn’t repent. Believe it or not, this was not extremely successful with the college crowd.
I think most of us would say this man was not communicating the love of God in an efficient and respectful manner. Honestly, I thought it was terrible and it turned more people off from God than made them interested. The question then becomes, if this is the wrong way what is the right way? I don’t think we talk about God enough in our lives and I don’t think we share God doing things in our lives enough. Come this Sunday as we will discuss the difficulties in sharing our faith in a secular world, and how we can strengthen each other in sharing the love of God. Join us in fellowship and don’t be distracted by me screaming through a microphone (just kidding).

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