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This Week at JMPC 6.9.19

In the movie The Blues Brothers, Elwood and “Joliet” Jake Blues are brothers who were raised in a Catholic orphanage run by Sister Mary Stigmata. They were never “good Catholic boys”. The movie begins when Elwood picks up Jake from prison and heads over to the orphanage to see Sister Mary. Neither Elwood nor Jake are “religious” by any definition, yet when they find out the orphanage will be foreclosed because of a tax lien, they promise Sister Mary they will try to get the money needed to pay off the tax lien. Afterward, while walking down a street in Chicago, they wander into the Triple Rock Baptist Church and hear a sermon by the Reverend Cleophus James who is backed up by a Gospel choir. Jake has an epiphany. He sees a light shine down from the window at the front of the church that illuminates him. He begins to shake and twitch and then starts doing handsprings up and down the center aisle of the church. Jake now believes he is on a “mission from God” to re-form their old band, the “Blues Brothers”, which disbanded while Jake was in prison, to raise the money and save the orphanage. I have always found the scene where Jake “sees the light” hilarious. And then I wonder, was that sort of what it was like for the disciples on Pentecost? When we read Acts 2, there does seem to be a bit of a similarity. What actually happened at Pentecost and why do we celebrate it? And if that is what “seeing the light” is all about, why aren’t we all speaking in tongues and doing handsprings in the aisle at church while proclaiming we are on a mission from God?

This Sunday is Pentecost! Pastor Jeff will preach “A Mighty Wind” from Acts 2: 1-21. Come and hear about it at 9:30 at John McMillan Presbyterian Church. We look forward to seeing you. And wear red!

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