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This Week at JMPC 8.25.19

This week we finish our series on the Good Samaritan. As I was writing the message, I tried to think of an example of a community of Good Samaritans. This came to mind. When I was a student an Allegheny College, I spent many cold winter afternoons hanging out with my friends watching the community TV. What were we watching? Old shows from the 60s. Two of our favorites were “I Love Lucy” and “The Andy Griffith Show”. Why were we attracted to these shows? They portrayed a world that was kind of idyllic. Lucy and Ricky bickered but each show ended well. Their fiends Fred and Ethel were comical and fun. The two couples were inseparable as neighbors and always there for each other. They were a small community that was basically “neighborly”. Mayberry, on the other hand, was a much larger setting. Sheriff Andy Taylor was charged with keeping the peace in this small rural community. The antics of the eccentric locals always, in the end, highlighted their closeness as a community and … well … neighborliness. What made these people “neighborly”? Relationship. They were not only acquaintances, but also connected. It was that connection that made them truly neighbors. That is part of why my friends and I liked these shows. They were comforting. They were examples of what a good life might look like. What does this have to do with our Good Samaritan? Come and see on Sunday, August 25, 2019 at John McMillan Presbyterian Church when Pastor Jeff preaches “Go and Do Likewise” based on Luke 10” 25-37. We worship at 9:30. We will look for you!

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