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This Week at JMPC 9.1.19

The Bible Doesn’t Say That! Sermon Series

Bernard Cornwell is an author of historical fiction. One of his characters is a man named Obadiah Hakeswill, a sergeant in the British army. Hakeswill constantly makes outrageous statements to back up his personal self-righteous delusions and immediately justifies those statements by saying, “It says so in the scriptures, so it must be true!” Of course, none of the things Hakeswill says are in “the scriptures” but few can challenge him because no one else really knows the scriptures either. While Hakeswill is a fictional character, his belief that the Bible says things it does not actually say is unfortunately common, even today. Pastor Jeff and Pastor Matt will explore such Biblical misconceptions with a sermon series to start off the new program year at JMPC. The series is entitled: “The Bible Doesn’t Say That!” It should prove interesting, educational and at times, a bit entertaining.
September 8: Pastor Jeff Will preach: “God Won’t Give Us More Than We Can Handle? Really?”
September 15: Pastor Jeff will preach: “God Hates Sinners? Really?”
September 22: Pastor Jeff will preach: “Everything Happens for a Reason? Really?”
September 29: Pastor Matt will preach: “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves? Really?”

Come and hear. We will look forward to seeing you next week at 8:30 or 11.

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