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This Week at JMPC 12.1.19

I am a big fan of European football, which we in the USA call soccer. I love watching the games on TV. Something I noticed a long time ago was that one of the ways the fans at the game encourage their teams is to sing! These musical outbursts are called, according to Wikipedia, football chants or terrace chants. They are described this way:

A football chant or terrace chant is a song or chant usually sung at association football matches. The chants can be simple, consisting of a few loud shouts or spoken words, but more often they are short song verses typically performed repetitively, and sometimes they may be more elaborate involving musical instruments, props or choreographed routines. They are often adaptations of popular songs, using their tunes as the basis of the chants, but some are entirely original. Sometimes the chants are spontaneous reactions to events on the pitch. They may be considered one of the last remaining sources of an oral folk song tradition in the United Kingdom.

I like that. In the USA, we have our own chants. “Here we go Steelers, here we go” and “Lets’ go Pens (Bucs)” are a couple that come to mind, but these do not compare to the football chants of European football. Those chants tell a story and erupt merely from the joy of being at the game.

As we enter Advent, we read Biblical passages about what people thought about the coming Messiah. Many of these thoughts were expressed in chants. Nothing like “Here we go Jesus, here we go”! But more like a recitation of history, joy and hope for the future. We will be exploring these songs during Advent. First up? The Magnificat. Mary’s song. Mary’s outburst of music that included history, joy and hope. Come and hear about it this Sunday when Pastor Jeff preaches, “The Song of Mary” based on Luke 1: 39-56. Come and journey with us through Advent to Christmas. We will look forward to seeing you.

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