Lenten Devotion 6 March 3, 2020

Amos 3:13-15
13 “Hear this and testify against the descendants of Jacob,” declares the Lord, the LORD God Almighty. 14 “On the day I punish Israel for her sins, I will destroy the altars of Bethel; the horns of the altar will be cut off and fall to the ground. 15 I will tear down the winter house along with the summer house; the houses adorned with ivory will be destroyed and the mansions will be demolished,” declares the LORD.
When my daughter was little we put her in daycare. The teachers always told us that she was a delight to have in class. She played well with friends, shared toys, and ate her lunch. However, all of her teachers had the same lament about our sweet daughter. During nap time, she refused to stay on her sleeping mat. It was bad enough that she wouldn’t sleep, but she couldn’t even sit still on the mat during the nap time. It was the same thing from every teacher until she was old enough that there was no nap time.
There is an overwhelming theme when we read the minor prophets. The prophets are always speaking out at 2 main things. The first is Idolatry, the people worshipping false Gods. The second is the people living in luxury, while the poor suffer and starve. These 2 themes are repeated time and time again, just before destruction is foretold. It appears these 2 things offend God in the most serious way. It makes me wonder if we as a country in 2020 struggle with these things. Do we have idols, do we treat the poor well? Do we think about how God feels about these things in our world?

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