Adopt a Garden 2021

The Building and Grounds team invites you and your family (or your organization) to adopt a garden for the 2021 year. We have many gardens (about 21) around the church that are in need of some green thumb(or any other color) care. Work alone, meditatively, to cultivate the gardens for the growing season; make them one of your family’s fun time projects; gather a couple of friends to work on one of the plots; fulfill some community service hours; or encourage your special group to take on a service project. Each area is small, but each has potential for color and design. As Earth’s caretakers, we can plant and trim and weed as demonstrated in the parables of Jesus. Your commitment will be about four hours a month. Although you will sign up as individuals for a particular area, you could also team up with those who are gardening around you to share the watering and weeding efforts throughout the season.
Contact Pam Dobos with questions.

Women’s Breakfast Club

The Women’s Breakfast Club: The women will resume meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8:30am at Eat ‘N Park across from South Park Shops. Everyone is invited and can bring a friend! We have great fun and fellowship and look forward to seeing you.

Christmas Craft Show

Christmas Affair Craft Show—November 6, 2021: We’re back! After a long-hard year of closures, we have made the decision to get back in the festive spirit and host our annual craft show. If you are interested in leading a committee or volunteering please contact Samantha Pauley at or Leslie at If you are interested in being a crafter or know someone who is, please contact Darlene Pauley at or Leslie to get an application. *Please note some changes will be made to prioritize the health and safety of our volunteers and crafters due to Covid-19