World Vision

World Vision: On May 14, a group of volunteers from JMPC will travel to World Vision in Sewickley to work in their clothing warehouse. Anyone over 16 years of age who is vaccinated is invited to join us. The work is easy and it’s a good chance to get to know other members of JMPC while helping needy people worldwide.
We will carpool from church around 8:15 AM and work until noon. We will then enjoy lunch together in a restaurant on our way home. Please sign up by emailing Carolyn Brow at

Imagination Library Outreach 2021

Duquesne Presbyterian church has decided to start the Dolly Parton Imagination Library in Duquesne. This program will send every child in Duquesne a book each month from birth until they go to kindergarten. You can learn more about the program here:   
Pastor Judy has invited us to help in funding this program, which gets books to an under resourced community! There are a few ways to think about supporting this ministry. Twenty-five Dollars will support a child for 1 year. If you give $125 you would support a child with books until they get to kindergarten. Of course, any other amount will help support as well. The outreach pillar at JMPC has offered a $1,000 matching gift for the program. If JMPC members raise $1,000 Outreach will give an additional $1,000. This is an amazing program that tangibly will help kids now, and in their future! If you would like to donate send a check to JMPC and write Dolly in the memo section. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Matt. This is a great cause to support so spread the word and let’s get some books into the hands of kids!

SHIM Garden Update 2021

The SHIM Garden has been tilled and some early vegetables planted. The pandemic has not kept us from growing food for our neighbors in need. You can help us with this
worthwhile endeavor by:
Donating money. Please put “SHIM Garden” in the memo on your check.
Donating your time. We still need volunteers to help with the gardening.
Thank you to those who saved newspapers for the SHIM garden. We now have enough for this year
Contact Carolyn Brow to be placed on our email information list and we will contact you.
Last year over 15,000 pounds of produce was distributed at the three food pantries operated by SHIM.
We grew a significant portion of that in our garden behind the church.

Orchard Planting on Creation Day 2019

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation partnered with John McMillan Presbyterian Church to plant 32 fruit trees on JMPC property. The fruit harvested from the trees will eventually be donated to SHIM and other local food banks

Bethel Park Flood Relief

JMPC is assisting with flood relief work in Bethel Park. The work includes general clean-up, drywall, painting and other labor. Week of August 5, 2018