Three Year Old Class

This Class is for children who are three years old by September 30th.
Children must be toilet trained at the start of school.
Class Options:
2 Mornings per Week Option: Tuesday & Thursday
3 Mornings per Week Option: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
  • Class Time: 9:15-11:45 am
Both classes maintain teacher/child ratio: 1:7
Cooperative play in a social setting is emphasized. Learning takes place through play and active, hands-on activities! Colors, shapes, nursery rhymes and songs, as well as letter and number concepts are introduced to stimulate children’s curiosity, intellectual ability, social interaction and verbal skills.
Teachers provide opportunities for the children to experience Christian values, problem solving, creative expression, increasing independence, and listening skills. Stories, songs and snack are a part of each class. Monthly chapel time, music, science, occasional field trips, special visitors, and celebrations all enhance our daily program.

Four Year Old Class

This class is for children who are four years old by September 30th .
Class Options:   Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
Class Time: 9:15-11:45am
Classes maintain teacher/child ratio 1:10
Children in the four-year old program learn both formally and informally. However, there is greater emphasis placed on kindergarten readiness skills.
Music and art experiences, stories and snack are offered each day. Math and reading readiness, science and social studies awareness are developed.
An environment rich in language encourages growth in verbal, listening, and speaking skills. Children work on printing their names, identifying, recognizing and writing letters and numbers.
Physical activities allow children to develop and practice both gross and fine motor skills. Children receive individual attention and also participate in large and small group times. They are encouraged to develop an appropriate degree of independence and become confident learners.
Monthly chapel time, music, science, library story time and occasional field trips, special visitors, and celebrations all enhance our daily program.

Pre-K Class

Children must be four and a half years old by September 30th.
Class time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:15 – 11:45 a.m.
Class maintains a teacher/child ratio 1:10
The Pre-K class is for the older preschool child who does not meet the age requirements for kindergarten or would benefit from an additional year in an enriching preschool environment.
Children learn through a variety of formal and informal activities. There is increased emphasis on pre-reading, math, writing and language skills in a nurturing environment that enhances self-confidence and a love of learning.
Curriculum includes the recognition of upper and lower case letters, recognition of numbers 1 – 20, and identification of letter sounds. Sight words are introduced each week during the morning circle.
Pre-K children participate in chapel time, music, science and library story time monthly. Also, special visitors, occasional field trips and celebrations provide new experiences and increase children’s knowledge of the world around them.

Enrichment Classes

These enrichment classes extend the learning day an extra 2½ hours.
Space is limited, so please register early!
Children bring a nut-free lunch from home and enjoy a social time of eating together. They will participate in gross motor playtime (indoors or out) before going to their classroom.
These classes are lots of fun and a great opportunity for children to experience a longer school day in a safe and familiar environment!
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