Advent Devotion 12.6.19


John 8:36
“If the son has set you free, you are free indeed.”

Freedom can be a difficult concept for us to grasp sometimes, mostly because we have always known freedom. The closest I personally have been to not having freedom is when I went to basic training for the Army. I was told where to be and what to do. They told me what to wear and I was punished for not doing what I was told. My drill instructor told me that if the army wanted me to have an opinion, they would have issued me one. I had no choice in anything I said or did.
Our passage this morning talks about freedom, but in fact it is a different kind of freedom, it is freedom given to us from Jesus. The question becomes “freedom from what”? The answer is sin. Freedom from something that would weigh us down further than we can imagine. It is Jesus who can set you free from this bondage, no one else. This advent season think about what it means to have freedom from sin, and think of Jesus, the only one who could free you from sin.

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