Advent Devotion 12.20.19

Acts 1:8
‘You will be my witnesses’
Recent polls show that the vast majority of Christians (98%) believe they should share their faith with others. However, many people polled were unsure of how to share their faith. The most popular answer of why they struggled to share was “do not know the Bible as well as they would like”.
God calls us to be witnesses in the world. I really love the wording here witness. Certainly, we should read our Bibles and learn God’s story deeper. However, God wants us to be witnesses. Witnesses share what they have seen. God has worked in your life, God has done amazing things for you, are you sharing these stories? Are you seeing God work in the world and telling others what you see? That is what it means to be a witness, to see events happening and report them to others. Be a witness of God this advent season. Be looking for God working in the world and be ready to share, it is what God has called us to do.

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