Advent Devotion 12.2.19

Matthew 9:37
The Harvest is plentiful, but the Laborers are few.
My uncle on my mother’s side is a farmer. As a kid I would visit their farm in Claysville, Pa. The really amazing thing about farms is that you can look at as far as the eye can see in some areas and all you will see is corn. I would stand on the tractor and look, but I could never see the end of the corn. However, there were only 4 people that worked on the farm. As a kid it seemed impossible that these 4 people could gather all of the corn, when I couldn’t even see the end of it!
In the world we live we see an overwhelming need for workers. It can be overwhelming to think about all the help that is needed. We need more workers this is true, but we don’t want to miss something here. What does it take to be a good worker? I could never work as well as my cousin who had been farming since he was a kid. He did it all the time and had a special know how learning from others. Jesus calls us to be workers in this world. My question to you is what do you need to do to be a good worker? I hope you give that some thought as we look at our world and see the need for strong workers.

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