Advent Devotion 12.16.19

Mark 6:37
‘You give them something to eat.’
One of my favorite quotes from anyone ever is from Mother Theresa. She said “if you cannot feed 100 people, feed one.” Mother Theresa worked with orphans in India, and the need was great. She of course fed way more people than one, but her point is so important. Don’t let the massive amount of need stop you from helping someone.
In our passage the disciples sound a little harsh, but they are just being reasonable. It’s not that they don’t want to feed all the people listening to Jesus, they just realize that the cost would be too great. They see thousands of mouths to feed, and don’t think it is possible to feed all of them. Of course, Jesus provides enough for everyone. In our lives we look around and see need everywhere. It is easy to get overwhelmed and feel like we cannot help. However, God calls us to love each other, care for each other, and feed those who are hungry. I will say to you go out and do these things. Do it for 100’s of people, of course if you cannot, do it for someone. Amen.

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