This Week at JMPC 11.25.18

In the republic of Iraq every citizen that is born is given the religion of their father. They have no choice in this matter, in fact it is stated clearly on your identification card. If someone tries to convert there are harsh consequences such as beatings or death. In a country with a small amount of Christians with many trying to leave via immigration it is difficult to see what God’s vision is for Iraq, which has deep roots in the Bible. The city of Mosul was at one time Nineveh, where the people repented after Jonah’s prophecy. The good news of Jesus was brought to Iraq by the disciple Thomas on his way to India. The Garden of Eden is described as near where the Tigris and Euphrates meet.
With all of this how is it that there is barely a presence of Christians in a country that is around the same size as California. This Sunday we will talk about Iraq, community, and what It means that God is the father of us all.

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